Technology And Teenagers Of This Generation

The media portrayal of the relationship between teenagers and technology is one of outright doom and gloom. ...

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A lot of research efforts and studies have shown that majority of preteens and teenagers today are...
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Technology And Teenagers Of This Generation

A number of external factors have been attributed to this and they include social issues as portrayed by the media.

Managing Your Small Business With Online Software

It is a typical misunderstanding that just bodybuilders and weight lifters use supplements and vitamins. The truth is...

DgcustomerFirst – Official Survey

You'll be hosting a massive party for your friends this weekend. A lot of preparation is required to be invested in this plan before execution. Naturally, you need to gather the necessary ingredients to serve them adequately. Being the wonderful hosts as you are, you're persistent in your efforts to fill the tummies of your friends with your delicious cooking. However, you need to buy all the ingredients for it. You can always buy them online nowadays, but it's always better to buy them from the supermarket to ensure its quality. What if there's one instance where you were given lousy quality products? How can you stand up to them? You can always fill up forms to give them your opinion about allowing them to improve themselves.

What Is A DgcustomerFirst Survey?

It's a method of data collection from a study population using which you can compute the data obtained and obtain a result which is further analyzed. Krogerfeedback Survey can be conducted through printed questionnaires or the Internet. During the process, each is asked the same questions. Manual data collection is the ideal method of collecting data for your survey as you can reach places otherwise inaccessible. Moreover, your study population may not be technologically developed to fill surveys online.

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Conducting DgcustomerFirst Feedback Survey: 


• It is one of the ideal ways of conducting academic research even at an undergraduate level due to its simple nature.
• It is cost effective as the materials required to conduct a survey is quite cheap
• Can be conducted even in remote areas
• A wide range of variables can be considered during data collection
• Survey software and various techniques make it easier to conduct surveys
• Time-saving as it is fairly easy to execute
• Flexibility in data analysis as you can personally talk to the respondent as well to make them comfortable so that they give an adequate answer
• It is extensive
• Depending on the nature of the survey, it often serves as a feedback to a particular brand


• The respondents may not be very cooperative and may not fill the entire form or give incorrect data or not fill the form at all
• Respondents may be uncomfortable during the process
• Respondents are often unaware of the reasons behind their answers due to lack of memory or lack of interest
• Errors may arise due to no responses by respondents during data analysis
• Often answers given by respondents are unclear and may not be along the lines of the question in the survey creating a dilemma
• In customized surveys, you'll run the risk of making errors in making the questionnaire or data analysis


DgcustomerFirst Survey are fairly easy to conduct, cheap and time-saving. They are ideal ways of doing research. They are conducted for a variety of reasons depending on which sector they are being conducted making it very extensive.